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Hank and Rush 1AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGMENT, I watched the premiere episode (a repeat) of The Haney Project Rush Limbaugh. It was my first look at the new season. To my surprise, I got a small bang out of it.

A digression: I said against my better judgment because The Haney Project is not my brand of cereal. Nothing against Hank. I just don’t go in for that type of golf programming. I mostly stick to tournament coverage. I did watch a few of the Charles Barkley episodes. Charles is so unfiltered and the most bizarre ex-basketball golfer who ever lived. I passed on Ray Romano.

Hank and Rush were not appointment TV. It came on after Friday’s coverage of the Farmers Insurance Open and I didn’t change the channel. (The Haney Project Rush Limbaugh airs on Golf Channel on Tuesdays at 9pm ET.)

The first episode could be summed up this way: Rush has zero confidence in his golf abilities. He is also suspicious of instructors. Nothing has ever worked for him. He is clueless and freely admits it.

Rush is said to be an 18 handicap. His golf pals, one of which is former Kansas City Royals baseball star George Brett, thinks Rush has it in him to be a 9 or 10. This is what friends are for—to see your potential or to be totally delusional. It’s a very fine line. If Rush is an 18, then I’m a scratch golfer.

But I agreed with Hank’s diagnosis of Rush the golfer. Rush has something to work with. His swing wasn’t bad. In Rush’s words, he was striping it on the range. (Don’t we all?) I could see him as a legit 18 in short order. From there, who knows?

By the way, Brett, who bats left, has a sweet golf swing. Don’t play him for money.

Hank thinks he can fix Rush. He wants to work on Limbaugh’s head. Good luck with that. I’m telling you, there’s not a positive golf thought in there. Not one. Godspeed, Hank.

During the episode, Rush said golf is the only thing about which he thinks everybody knows more than he does.

Thank you, Golf. My love for you is reaffirmed.

−The Armchair Golfer

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5 thoughts on “Hank and Rush”

  1. I listened to Rush when he first hit the airwaves. He seemed "refreshing" oddly. Now he's a buffoonish caricature, albeit a stinking rich one.

    I too checked in on the Haney show. Rather unwatchable I thought. As Rush would say, "Made my hair hurt".

  2. "If Rush is an 18, then I’m a scratch golfer." Thats about right I watched the first episode as well and thought pretty much the same thing. I'm just hoping the Golf channel makes him look that horrible for more viewers, because he looks like the worst 18 handicap golfer I have ever seen.

  3. Yeah folks Haney can fix anyone's golf swing just ask Tiger.

    Haney's methodology doesn't impress me.Haney teaches a specific type of swing(a said plane,a said arc & said body posture).Almost robotic approach.

    Other teachers like Harmon & Foley try to refine whatever the student is already doing.A good example is Mickelson,Butch did not try to revamp Phil's swing.All in all if any human can perfect Haney's approach to the golf swing,then maybe he has something but even Tiger struggled immensely under Haney.

    When Tiger left Butch..he said he was leaving cuz he wanted to "own" his golf swing well how many years under Haney & he(Tiger) still was unable to "own" his swing,it became worse.

  4. I've watched all three installments of Haney working with celebrity golfers and by far my favorite is the current one with Rusho. I don't necessarily agree with his politics but he is very entertaining on this show, plus Haney's wife is hot!


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