‘Gray Lady’ Takes on Michelle Wie

An article in The New York Times by golf writer Damon Hack does a post mortem on Michelle Wie’s first year in professional golf.

With all that happened Wie’s first year — firing a caddie, nearly winning a major, missing cuts playing against the men — Hack points out how Wie’s career thus far resembles “Groundhog Day.”

“She turned 17 on Wednesday but will start her second year in the same way she began the first: as a talented prodigy still looking for her first victory beneath the never-ending glare of the news media.”

Wie states she wouldn’t change a thing. Ah, the optimism of youth.

Read the full article here:
Wie Has a Lot to Learn as a Pro (Including How to Win)

By the way, you gotta love a golf writer named “Hack.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Gray Lady’ Takes on Michelle Wie”

  1. Poor Michelle. She most likely became “famous” too soon. It’s too early in her career to compare her to Tiger or any other golfer in the world. She needs to be able to earn any comparisons between her and other golfers. And she probably needs a year or two without Daddy which she won’t get until she’s older. It’s tough to grow up in the spotlight. Ask Shirley Temple!

    The Golf Nut: The Golf Nut

  2. As you say, Michelle has, in a sense, become famous too soon. We live in an impatient culture in which we want the person to live up to the hype. NOW!

    Michelle is famous for her potential and mega millions but not her play. At least not yet. I think we’ll know in a year or two whether she will be a golf great or a great flop.


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