The Goods on Barack Obama’s Golf Game

The Goods on Barack Obama's Golf Game 1Person of the year, sure. But can he golf? (Image: Garfield/Flickr)

GOLF DIGEST HAS JUST PUBLISHED a feature article on “golfer” Barack Obama. In The New First Golfer, author and New York Times investigative reporter Don Van Natta reveals who suggested that Obama take up the game (hint: starts with “M”), how he approaches golf like politics, whether he, um, fudges his scorecard as did some of his predecessors, and a whole lot more.

This is part of the golf mission, folks. This man will be president for four or eight years, so we need to know how he conducts himself on a golf course. It’s important. I hope you’ll read it.

Of course, I have a completely selfish, ulterior motive. Don’s piece is a perfect primer for the first annual Presidents Golf Championship (PGC), which gets underway next week at the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG. And if you haven’t been keeping up on things around here lately, Mr. Van Natta happens to be the guest golf analyst for the PGC. (I’m feeling pretty smug about that. I admit it.)

Early next week I’ll have a preview of the first-round matches, including Don’s analysis and predictions. We’ll soon find out how the President-elect fares in match-play competition, along with 15 other presidential hopefuls.

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