Golfweek: Inbee Park’s Grand Slam Quest Deserved Better

Golfweek: Inbee Park's Grand Slam Quest Deserved Better 1
GOLFWEEK WRITERS BETH ANN BALDRY and Julie Williams tackled a few LPGA and women’s golf topics in a recent LPGA roundtable.

At the top of the list was Inbee Park’s 2013 bid to complete the Grand Slam:

Inbee Park chased history with three consecutive major titles. Did she get the credit she deserved? 

Baldry: Of course not. While Park did go on a NYC media blitz after winning the U.S. Women’s Open at Sebonack, the buzz did not transcend the sport. Even at the Home of Golf, where Park would’ve won her fourth straight, the crowd support was disappointing. Some of the main British tabloids even skipped out on St. Andrews. And only one American newspaper writer crossed the pond. 

Williams: Park’s quest for the Grand Slam was easily the best story in professional golf this year. Still, it didn’t make nearly as many headlines as it should have. In golf circles, Park was a hot topic. Outside of our world, however, it seemed that few knew anything about her, or her dominance of the sport. It’s a shame the story couldn’t have traveled farther—it really was one for the ages.

Unfortunately, this is the norm. Golf competes (and struggles) for attention with major sports. Any attention golf receives is mostly reserved for the men.

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