Golf’s 3 Most Consistent Swings

Golf’s 3 Most Consistent Swings 1Mickey Wright on SI

I SAW THIS IN THE TRANSCRIPT of today’s media conference at the Grand China Air LPGA. The questioner referred to Judy Rankin’s three most consistent golf swings:

  1. Ben Hogan
  2. Mickey Wright
  3. Annika Sorenstam

Hogan would be on everyone’s list. Mickey Wright? Hogan himself said Wright’s swing was the best he’d ever seen. (Plus she won 82 events, including 13 majors.) And the third is the soon-to-be retiree Annika Sorenstam.

“So can you tell us a little secret about your swing?” Annika was asked.

“This game is hard enough and I try to make it as simple as possible by just really rotating around my spine,” she said.

”There’s one swing plane, keeping the same through the wedges, through the drive and the same swing tempo.”

There you go. Take that to the course and see how it works.

−The Armchair Golfer

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4 thoughts on “Golf’s 3 Most Consistent Swings”

  1. Arguably, no one work harder on the swing than Ben Hogan. He had to — he wasn’t that good. He didn’t have the talent of Byron Nelson. Tiger Woods himself has said he would like to “own” his swing as Hogan did. Hogan, a late bloomer, went on to win 64 events, including nine majors in a seven-year stretch. Not bad.

    Wright and Sorenstam won a total of 154 events.

    So, yes, as a consistent swing relates to these three greats, it matters a lot.

    Woods and Nicklaus are both power players and great putters. They also have something between the ears that’s very rare. But even they would likely admit that their ball-striking wasn’t up to Hogan’s standards.


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