Golfless Streak Ends on Day 169!

Golf Blog: Day 2 without playing golf

After 168 days of no golf, I finally teed it up last Saturday at 1 p.m EST.

The conditions were less than ideal — chilly, drizzly, windy. But who I am to complain? I hadn’t played since May. Two buddies joined me and we had the course to ourselves.

Things started out OK. A 250-yard drive down the right center. A 9 iron on the green. A three-putt bogey. (I had a 35-foot downhill putt for birdie and ran it by a good 8 feet.) All to be expected.

The next few holes I hit some decent shots but wasn’t scoring. Again, no surprise. How sharp could I expect to be?

Then my new Dunlop Crazy Long driver started going Crazy Crooked. I ricocheted my tee ball off some trees into a creek. I took a drop and half shanked a four iron. The result: triple bogey. On the following hole, I came off a drive and hit it out of bounds right — another triple.

I gathered myself and parred the last two holes on the front nine for a 47. Scary.

How did I do on the back nine? I’ll tell you in my next post. Come on back.

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