Golfless in Hilton Head

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“Gee, they sure have a lot of golf courses here,” I said, as we drove on to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, this evening.

(I knew that.)

But golf isn’t going to happen on this trip. I didn’t bring my clubs. Well, actually I did bring my putter, golf shoes, two sleeves of golf balls and my golf glove on the chance I’d play with my friend in St. Petersburg. In that case, I would have borrowed or rented clubs. No big deal.

Frankly, when you go on vacation with a wife, two daughters and their personal effects it can be difficult to find room for golf clubs. I’m not complaining, although I would have liked to play one round.

Hilton Head was a spontaneous decision as we headed home today for the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tomorrow we might spend the day on the island, or we’ll head straight for the mountains.

Either way, I’ll try not to drool too much as we pass the nearby fairways and golf resorts.

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  1. Just to clarify my first comment, I do feel your pain. My wife always gives me that “look” when I talk about playing while on family vacation. I’ve been to the Blue Ridge mountains before, beautiful country.

    By the way, I thought you might appreciate this. I think I’ve finally had my breakthrough moment for a repetitive and productive swing. It has allowed me to apply the same principle to every club in the bag, even when chipping and including the putter.

  2. Thanks, all, for feeling my pain. Actually, my wife encourages me to play, even while on vacation. It just didn’t work out this time.

    Sometimes you know when it’s primarily a family vacation and you just have to try to put on the golf blinders. Hilton Head was an unplanned stop and got the golf juices flowing. I’m home now and will try to go out to my local club and get in at least nine this weekend.

    Tom Blogical: Congrats on your swing breakthrough. That’s exciting!

  3. Fishing tackle companies have got around this problem where fishermen are concerned by introducing three- or even four-piece poles that you can virtually hide under the driver’s seat. It mightn’t address the fishing widow’s principal beef but at least she can’t use the ‘no room’ clause any more.

    I think the time for the four-piece golf club is long overdue. You’d only need four or five clubs and you could carry them around under your arm like Old Tom Morris used to at St Andrews. You get golf and back to your roots simultaneously.

    Is anyone from Titleist reading this…?


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