Golf Novelist Tries to Break Out of the Pack

Golf Novelist Tries to Break Out of the Pack 1(Glasson/Flickr)

For millions of golfers this would be paradise, the stuff of February daydreams. But for the guys I was playing with, this wasn’t paradise. It was just another day to post a score or barf on their khakis.

That’s an excerpt from the opening of Between Clubs by John Ochwat, a writer from Portland, Oregon.

“I’ve written a golf novel, which I entered in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest,” John wrote in a late January email.

“The contest took nearly 5,000 novels in the first round, and cut the field to 836 semifinalists. Last week I got the good news that my novel, Between Clubs, is a semi-finalist.”

Penguin is the contest sponsor. You can learn more about Between Clubs and download it free here.

−The Armchair Golfer

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