Golf in The Azores: Best-Kept Secret in Europe?

FRIDAY IS A GOOD DAY TO FANTASIZE about an island paradise, a place where you can play golf year round in shirt sleeves and have the course to yourself. I’ve never been to The Azores, have hardly heard of them, but tourism pitches are always landing in my email inbox, and I thought I’d share this one.

The Azores are a string of volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean about 900 miles off the coast of Portugal (a four-hour flight from Great Britain). They certainly look inviting to me, uncrowded, peaceful.

The above video features former Olympic javelin thrower turned golf coach, Andre Medeiros. The narrator says The Azores “could be the best-kept golfing secret in Europe.”

Might be true, might be tourism marketing, or both.

Anyone care to send me? I’d be glad to report on that claim.

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