Golf Channel’s Dottie Pepper Talks Solheim Cup

Golf Channel’s Dottie Pepper Talks Solheim Cup 1IN A MEDIA CONFERENCE CALL, Golf Channel analyst Dottie Pepper opined on the 2009 Solheim Cup, which begins on Thursday at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Illinois. Pepper was a six-time Solheim Cup U.S. team member who played on four victorious teams. She compiled an impressive 13-5-2 record.

For starters, did U.S. team captain Beth Daniel get the captain’s picks right?

“Michelle Wie, I believe over the course of this year, earned her spot,” Pepper said. “No wins, but certainly among the players who were in contention for a spot, she was playing the best, despite not qualifying for the U.S. Open going into the matches.”

On Juli Inkster, Pepper said, “ … in my mind she was picked for what the Solheim Cup can do, and that’s bring out the very best in golf, and I believe also what she brings to the team room, and that’s a lot of enthusiasm.”

Some think the U.S. team will overwhelm Europe. Not Pepper.

“I do not believe this is going to be as lopsided as some people predict it will be,” she said. “I believe Alison Nicholas [European team captain] has a much stronger and deeper team than most people think.”

Pepper also said she believed this year’s Solheim Cup would have higher than usual visibility.

“With all of the controversy concerning the LPGA over the last few months, the awareness of this tournament is probably higher than it has been in quite some time. It’s coming at just the right time because I think with the LPGA being in the media, this will be a really positive experience for people to look at this tour and say, you know, it is pretty darn terrific.”

Would Pepper ever consider the U.S. team captaincy?

“At this point with the schedule that I have, I think I would break down and cry because there’s no way to squeeze it in. I would be very honored. But at this point in time, I don’t know how it would be possibly manageable.”

−The Armchair Golfer

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5 thoughts on “Golf Channel’s Dottie Pepper Talks Solheim Cup”

  1. Who cares what Dottie Pepper thinks. She's a poison, negative person who is isolated…players didn't like her when she competed and they don't like her now. Her opinions are from 30 years ago

  2. Michelle Wie was picked because of the visibility she would bring the team and with TV ratings in mind. This does not mean, however, that she was undeserving of being picked. As for Dottie Pepper, she may or may not be liked by others in the same profession. I think she does an excellent job on TV and that her comments, for the most part, are spot on.

  3. I care what Dottie Pepper thinks. Her analysis is usually incredibly salient, even if she is a controversial firebrand from time to time.

    As for Michelle Wie being picked solely based on her marketability, I really doubt that. She collected the fourth most Solheim Cup points this season, her only full season on the LPGA Tour. She has more top 5 finishes than the three people ranked higher in her in points combined. She can play golf. Now she simply has to show the mettle than high-visibility high-intensity matches require.

  4. I think that Dottie Pepper's analysis of the picks for the Solheim Cup are spot on. She has the credentials to comment on this tournament and her insight is welcome.

    I think Michelle Wie will bring both visibility to the tournament as well as a strong game. She was a good pick.

    I look forward to watching the tournament and seeing the American's bring home the Cup.

    David Wakeman

  5. I'll take Dottie Pepper every f'ing day of the week as a partner. She an LPGA major only ten years ago and has a 13-5-2 record in the Solheim Cup.

    First I heard about her being so unpopular. Of course, my opinion is from 30 years ago. I enjoy her as a commentator much more than most, men and women both…


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