Everybody Loves Rocco

Everybody Loves Rocco 1AS SOMEONE PUT IT, Tiger won the trophy, but Rocco won the hearts. Cliché? Yep. Sappy? Yep. But hey, it’s right on the mark.

Ever since Rocco Mediate went toe-to-toe with golf’s Goliath, Tiger Woods, and nearly brought down the giant in the U.S. Open, golf fans have been sharing the love as if Rocco was that other western PA native son, Arnold Palmer.

Rocco is a PGA Tour rock star, and he’s been soaking it up like solar panels on a sunny day. In fact, the 45-year-old was “toast” after his reception and opening-round 71 at the Buick Open.

Here are some of Rocco’s comments (edited) from yesterday’s media conference:

Q. Did you see the banner up there?

ROCCO: I did. I can’t believe they did that. It was nice.

Q. Did you find that the banner with the fans was different, were there more fans?

That was this morning, only probably 200, 300,000 fans following me (laughter). It was great. It was obviously louder.

Q. The whole thing is starting to catch up in terms of energy.

Yes, I have noticed.

Q. How does it feel to be a fan favorite?

I think it’s cool.

Q. You mentioned yesterday you were tired?

ROCCO: I’m toast. It took a lot out of me. I loved it. But I need to get some rest the rest of the day and tomorrow morning.

−The Armchair Golfer

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4 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Rocco”

  1. I think it’s funny that people are be idolized for ‘almost’ doing something. That’s the way it has become on the PGA Tour. People that ‘almost’ beat Tiger are being treated as if they won. I don’t remember that happening when Mike Tyson was in his prime. No one remembers the names of those that came somewhat close to beating him. We only remember the ones that did.
    That’s why I love golf. At least the fans recognize how good Rocco did and they are giving him the honor that is due. I just hope it doesn’t wear him out. It helps that he is such a nice guy. Thank goodness it wasn’t Monty! haha

  2. I think it speaks to a couple of things: 1) Unfortunately, Tiger hasn’t been challenged that much and fans loved seeing someone stand up to him. 2) Rocco is just a great guy with a lot of personality.

  3. Rocco is incredibly charasmatic for a start. So obviously people like him for that. It was just nice to see an underdog with a chance for once up against the mighty tiger. Sadly however, I predict that he will fade away extremely quickly as I cant see him keeping up this form. Dont expect to hear his name again 3 months down the line. Good on himn though, it was really exciting to watch.


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