Europe or Bust for John Daly?

Europe or Bust for John Daly? 1(James Marvin Phelps/Flickr)

JOHN DALY HAS EARNED $56,017 on the PGA Tour this year, making just five cuts in 16 events. The troubled 42-year-old is running out of options. So, according to an AP story, he’s considering the European Tour.

“I know in Europe there are still a million opportunities to play,” Daly was quoted as saying. “It’s a great tour. Guys on that tour have shown themselves and proved themselves to be great players.”

Part of JD’s problem was a rib injury that restricted his mighty swing. He had surgery this past summer to deal with a golf ball-sized cyst. Doctors also found two small fractures in his rib area. The recovery has been slow, but Daly is starting to feel better about his game.

“Now I feel like it’s all starting to come together. I’d love to play four or five weeks in a row like I used to do. I can’t do that because I’m not exempt.”

For now, Daly will continue to rely on sponsor exemptions and hopes to play his way back on tour.

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6 thoughts on “Europe or Bust for John Daly?”

  1. I think another problem that JD is going to have going forward is nagging injuries. I know that he just had some, but i think it will continue and even get worse. Having played golf for over 30 years, I have nagging injuries and couldnt play everyday if i wanted to… If you look at a freeze frame of JD at the top of the backswing, he is putting tremendous stress on his left wrist and left shoulder. Even with superior talent, joints eventually wear out. Just like Tiger’s left knee – which is where he puts lots of stress… Gene Sarazen was qoted before he died saying that Tiger’s career would be cut short by injury because of how violently he swings the club… I fear that the same fate awaits JD.

    Kevin Wylie
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  2. Kevin:

    I agree. Another factor that makes Daly even more injury prone is the fact that he’s obese. He needs to get on a strength and conditioning program, but he hates working out (too lazy, IMHO). Smoking and drinking Diet Cokes all the time probably doesn’t help either.

    I wish someone he trusts would convince him he’s an athlete and that he should act like it–I think he’d turn his career around if he did.

  3. Never has so much talent and potential resulted in such an unforgettable career. John Daly remains one of the really big time stars on the tour, even though he’s had no game whatsoever for the past 3 years. All anyone can do is wish him well and wonder what might have been.

  4. Hopefully he’ll find his game over there. I would love to see him get disciplined, drop about 50 pounds, and see what he could do. Even with two majors, Daly probably wasted more talent than any Tour player. The guy could’ve done so much more. Let’s hope we haven’t heard the last from him.

  5. I’d like to be optimistic about JD’s chances to turn things around, but it’s hard to fathom based on his past excessive behavior. Change is difficult. I wish him the best, though.

  6. It’s a shame because Daly is or was a great putter. I saw him play with Crenshaw in a practice round at Doral. Daly laid down about ten balls all over the green on number 11. He made all but two. Crenshaw did the same and made nothing.


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