Drivers Used by the World’s 10 Best Golfers

No. 10
K.J. Choi, South Korea
Driver: Nike SasQuatch Sumo2 (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 284.1 yards (T133)
Driving Accuracy: 64.71% (66th)
Total Driving Rank: T111

No. 9
Rory Sabbatini, South Africa
Driver: Nike SasQuatch Sumo
Average Drive Distance: 289.9 yards (T82)
Driving Accuracy: 59.14% (148th)
Total Driving Rank: 156th

No. 8
Sergio Garcia, Spain
Driver: TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad TP (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 294.2 yards (53rd)
Driving Accuracy: 56.28% (171st)
Total Driving Rank: 155th

No. 7
Padraig Harrington, Ireland
Driver: Wilson Dd6+ (7.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 293.2 yards (60th)
Driving Accuracy: 57.52% (158th)
Total Driving Rank: T146

No. 6
Adam Scott, Australia
Driver: Titleist Pro Titanium 907 D2 (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 300.9 yards (16th)
Driving Accuracy: 59.17% (146th)
Total Driving Rank: T49

No. 5
Steve Stricker, United States
Driver: Titleist Pro Titanium 905T (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 283.7 yards (138th)
Driving Accuracy: 63.73% (81st)
Total Driving Rank: T149

No. 4
Ernie Els, South Africa
Driver: Callaway FT-I (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 297.9 yards (30th)
Driving Accuracy: 56.99% (164th)
Total Driving Rank: T103

No. 3
Jim Furyk, United States
Driver: TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad TP (10.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 279.7 yards (T164)
Driving Accuracy: 74.37% (2nd)
Total Driving Rank: T58

No. 2
Phil Mickelson, United States
Driver: Callaway FT-5 Tour (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 298 yards (29th)
Driving Accuracy: 56.73% (167th)
Total Driving Rank: T105

No. 1
Tiger Woods, United States
Driver: Nike SasQuatch Tour 460 (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 302.4 yards (11th)
Driving Accuracy: 59.83% (T133)
Total Driving Rank: T31

(Note: Only Furyk, Stricker and Choi crack the top 100 in accuracy. Without a doubt, professional golf is a power game.)

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3 thoughts on “Drivers Used by the World’s 10 Best Golfers”

  1. Yeah, when you’re chipping and pitching on from 35 yards, who needs accuracy?

    I think the most under-reported stat is Woods being ranked tied for 31st in Total Driving. All you hear about is how inaccurate he is. Bomb and gouge is here to stay for a while.

  2. Wait, someone actually hears that Tiger is inaccurate from the tee?? I thought I was the only one who points out how many people he hits. Tom must have been listening to Johnny Miller that day.

    I imagine the legends from the early 20th century are not happy with today’s game. Back then, golf was about doing everything right and being rewarded. Now it seems it’s about screwing up all you want and still making about $1 Million per tournament for screwing up less than the guy who finishes second.


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