Devil Ball Golf: Golf Announcer Gaffes Nothing New

Devil Ball Golf: Golf Announcer Gaffes Nothing New 1
Gary McCord famously offended the Green Coats.
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JOIN THE CLUB, David Feherty. Jay Busbee of Devil Ball Golf at Yahoo! SPORTS has compiled a list of out-of-bounds remarks made by golf announcers over the years:

Feherty’s gaffe the latest in a long line of golf announcer misfires

Do you remember the below announcers and what they said? Jay summarizes their miscues. Using golf lingo, I’ve scored the outcome.

Jack Whitaker: DQ
Gary McCord: DQ
Ben Wright: Free drop
Johnny Miller: Free drop
Kelly Tilghman: OB, penalized stroke and distance
Richard Boxall and Bruce Critchley: Free drop
Andrew Magee: Unplayable lie, one stroke penalty
David Feherty: Awaiting final ruling

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. The “gaffes” listed aren’t really an apples to apples comparison. However, I do think we should take David at his word with his apology. It was a huge mistake for sure but lets face it we all do things that we regret. It’s how we handle things after that makes all the difference. And I think David has done the right thing here.


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