Colin Montgomerie and the Birds

Colin Montgomerie and the Birds 1

Bird #1: Isn’t that Colin Montgomerie?

Bird #4: Colin who?

Bird #2: Colin Montgomerie, you Dodo!

Bird #4: Hey, watch it.

Bird #3: That’s him.

Bird #1: Remember when Monty said the belly putter ought to be outlawed?

Bird #2: Oh, yeah. Now he’d putt with a rake if it helped him make more putts.

Bird #4: So would I.

Bird #2: Please.

Bird #3: What’s he waiting for?

Bird #1: The Ryder Cup. And to turn 50, I think.

Bird #4: Can we go follow Ernie now?

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: camflan/Flickr)

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