Chambers Bay Golf Course: The Rants

Chambers Bay Golf Course: The Rants 1(

Not all the reviews of Chambers Bay Golf Course are rosy. Below are a pair of critical comments I’ve received.

(Below the rants you can link to rave reviews and also my original post on Chambers Bay.)

“Not impressed”

I am not impressed. I grew up in the British Isles playing links golf and Chambers is not links golf. (The last four holes would pass a links-style holes.)

I will have a hard time going back, not just because of the high prices but I am not really very impressed with the layout. There are too many blind shots with strange things in the middle of fairways. It seems as if too many greens are cut into a plateau, and the greens are way too contoured to be playing bump and run shots. I found that too many fairways had severe runs-offs, and if you did not hit the right side of the fairway you were in trouble.

The same with the greens — huge but with only 2/3 of it usable. There are not too many places to put the pins.

“Way too tricked up”

I just played it as well and I agree. It’s not a links course and it’s way too tricked up. I will not be going back.

Rave reviews are here. My original post is here. Check out Chambers Bay here.

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