The Case for Custom Fit Clubs

Day 108 without playing golf

A Golf World survey last year found that 68 percent of golfers use custom-fit golf clubs.

The other 32 percent who play with off-the-rack clubs may be at a disadvantage — at least according to the world’s best golfer.

“I think the ultimate key is to have the golf clubs fit you, not you fit the club,” Tiger Woods was quoted as saying in a November issue of Golf World. “I stress that to the juniors and amateurs I give clinics to, or when they ask me in pro-ams. You got to get a club that fits.”

I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the data: more than two in three amateurs have been custom-fit for clubs. Whoa.

I wish I could say I have new custom-fit clubs, but I’m playing with ancient off-the-shelf equipment. And the truth is, it doesn’t really matter until I start playing more.

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  1. I had custom fit clubs once and they did not make a difference. After reading this I compared them to the clubs I have now and they are almost the same less than one inch. When I get my retirement set I am going to get custom fit.


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