Calcavecchia: Wie Will Make a Cut But Never Win

Day 80 without playing golf

Could this be the week?

On Friday evening at the Sony Open in Hawaii, will Michelle Wie be the first woman since Zaharias in 1945 to make a cut on the PGA Tour?

Here’s what Mark Calcavecchia told the Associated Press:

“She’s going to make a cut eventually. She’s never going to win, period. Maybe once she makes a cut, she’ll forget about it. Should she play in Hawaii? Sure. I don’t have a problem with her playing there. That’s where she’s from. I think she should try to win some LPGA tournaments first and go from there.”

In some ways it doesn’t seem like making a cut on Michelle’s home turf should be that big a deal. She’s talented and certainly capable.

But the media attention and pressure must be unimaginable, especially for a 16-year-old.

Even Tiger didn’t face that when he was a junior in high school.

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1 thought on “Calcavecchia: Wie Will Make a Cut But Never Win”

  1. I completely agree. I doubt Wie will make any of the cuts to play with the ‘big boys’ this season. She should stick to the LPGA for a while. After she’s won some tournaments in the LPGA, then should she try to make cuts in the PGA.

    Even if she does make a cut this season, there’s no way she’ll win.


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