Byron Nelson: Golf, Stew and Decency

Golf great Byron Nelson, who died Tuesday at age 94, once said, “I don’t know very much. I know a little bit about golf. I know how to make a stew. And I know how to be a decent man.”

Obviously, Nelson was also unfailingly modest.

Probably best known in the modern golf era for his 11 consecutive PGA Tour victories, Nelson arguably had the most-consistent golf swing of all time.

When the USGA built a robot in 1975 to test golf clubs and golf balls for conformity to standards, they patterned it after Nelson’s swing and named it “Iron Byron.” (The original Iron Byron is on display in the USGA museum.)

“I did not ever dream, in my wildest imagination, there would be as much money or that people would hit the ball so far,” Nelson said in recent years. “I only won $182,000 in my whole life.”

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Source: Times Online

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