Bubba’s Green Jacket Is in the Bag

Bubba's Green Jacket Is in the Bag 1
Bubba Watson

THE START OF THE 2013 MASTERS is in 16 days, and Bubba Watson, almost a year removed from his first Green Jacket and first major victory, might still find it hard to believe that he’s the defending champion. Last month during a pre-Masters teleconference, Bubba was asked for his dominant thought when he watches replays of last year’s Masters telecast.

“Yeah, that I won,” he was quoted as saying at Masters.com. “I actually won it.”

There’s little doubt that Watson has the kind of reverence for the Green Jacket that would make Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne beam with pride. Bubba’s Green Jacket hangs safely in the back of the closet of his Scottsdale home.

“It’s been sitting in that garment bag,” Watson said. “I haven’t taken it out. I don’t let anybody see it or take pictures of it out of respect for the tournament and out of respect for the members of Augusta National.”

He means it. NO ONE.

“None of my friends have seen it. None of my friends have taken photos of it.

“I put it in the back. I know it’s there just because I don’t want anybody to steal that thing, but I know it’s there. But no, I don’t look at it. I don’t ever see it. I can see the corner of it because it’s with my jackets, so I can see the corner of the green garment bag so I know it’s there at all times.”

The garment bag will come out of the closet soon as Bubba, wife Angie and son Caleb will journey to Augusta.

“I can’t wait to get back there …. it’ll be a blast for our family.”

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