Breakfast of Golf Champions?

Breakfast of Golf Champions? 1

Gotta have the double order of hash browns.
–David Duval, on Waffle House

LAST FRIDAY my friend Golf Blogger posted about the AP story on David Duval grubbin’ at Waffle House.

“I had eggs, chicken, toast, grits and a double order of hash browns,” Duval told the AP. “Gotta have the double order of hash browns.”

As a Florida native and Georgia Tech grad, you would expect Duval to sidle up to a Waffle House counter. After all, Waffle Houses are thicker than fleas on a wet dog in the South. But what’s up with San Diego native Phil Mickelson and his Waffle House habit?

Breakfast of Golf Champions? 2I’ve read Lefty also loves WH, especially during Masters week. In fact, Ian O’Connor once wrote that Phil left a waitress a $94 tip for his $6 Waffle House breakfast.

If you live up north, you’re not very likely to stumble across a Waffle House. The Onion once published a story that said the Mason-Dixon Line was renamed the IHOP-Waffle House Line. Don’t believe it, even though it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, I smell a breakfast trend among PGA Tour pros.

–The Armchair Golfer

Waffle House May Hold Key to Masters

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6 thoughts on “Breakfast of Golf Champions?”

  1. I try to convince people in NJ how great Waffle House is but they’re not on board. I love it, but there aren’t any around here so it’s a long time between stops for me.

  2. If you like fattening food, there’s no better place than Waffle House. Duval now looks like he’s spending quite a bit of time in places like that and although much is made of how good Mickelson looks, he stills looks like he needs to lost another 20 pounds. There’s a Waffle House on just about every corner in Florida and all of them are busy.

  3. Yeah, NJ is bit north of the IHOP-Waffle House Line, Double Eagle.

    Lancer, you’re right about Duval’s weight. He said he needs to lose about 20 pounds.

    Jeremy, I think you could be a pitch man for Waffle House, sort of like Jason for Subway.

  4. There is a Waffle House here in Marysville. I’ve never eaten there. I’ve eaten at a WH only once. That was enough for me.

    Duval looks like he could lose 50 fat pounds and Mickelson could lose 20 fat pounds. Then again, I’m in the Fitness industry, so my opinion is that everyone could stand to lose fat mass and gain muscle mass.

    I also think Mickelson would truly give Tiger real competition if he took fitness as seriously as I think he should. He’d win a lot more majors, IMHO.


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