Bob Thomas: Golf Saved His Life

Bob Thomas: Golf Saved His Life 1(As a service to readers, following are golf events, products, services and more. Endorsement is not implied.)

Earlier this week a man who represents Bob Thomas, the author of Ben Hogan’s Secret and other books, wrote me. Thomas, I learned, battled his publisher over rights issues, and today he offers the Hogan book and other self-published titles through Bob Thomas Books.

In telling me about Thomas, the representative wrote:

“A true story only known amongst Bob’s loyal fan base is that golf actually saved his life. He came from an abusive family with parents too caught up in misery to know anything but torment, and survived because of this great game.

“The abuse in his family eventually killed his sister, but fortunately for all of us, Bob became a caddy at the age of 12. Golf not only gave him something positive to focus on, but it also offered him the upbringing he would have otherwise missed.”

(Thomas’ experiences resulted in the book, Golf Gave Me Something To Love.)

“I told Bob once that I’d sell his books door-to-door if I had to in order to help him,” he added, “and in a sense, I have. The reason I’m so willing to do this is because I care about this game, and his books capture something about it that very few golf books ever will.”

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