Bill Clinton’s Dream Sixsome

Bill Clinton’s Dream Sixsome 1
Former president Bill Clinton in 2009.

WHEN ASKED ABOUT HIS DREAM FOURSOME by a San Bernardino, California, newspaper, former president Bill Clinton named six individuals, making it a sixsome (seven, I guess, if you count Clinton). They included six-time British Open winner Harry Vardon, two Roosevelts (Teddy and Franklin), Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Jones and Sam Snead.

The former president called Vardon a “smart rascal,” noting that he owns two first-edition books by Vardon and has read all the others.

It surprised me a bit that Clinton never played with Snead, who died in 2002 at the age of 89. Apparently there was an offer, though.

“When he was 82, he said he’d play me and take no more than $1,000 from me,” Clinton said. That would have been a rather expensive round, but maybe not by their standards.

I think the ex-president has chosen well in terms of old-time golfers. I would love to tee it up with Vardon, Jones and Snead. Can you imagine the shots you would witness? The things you could learn. Oh my.

Lincoln is an interesting choice for Mr. Clinton. Do you suppose he’d let “Honest Abe” keep the scorecard?

−The Armchair Golfer

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