Barack Obama and the Golf Question

WHILE OTHERS PONDER the historic nature of a Barack Obama presidency, ARMCHAIR GOLF wonders about important things such as the state of Obama’s golf game.

Specifically, where does Barack Obama stand on golf?

I know this much: The President-elect stands on the Phil Mickelson side of the ball. Yes, Obama is a southpaw, a lefty.

I’ve heard about Obama’s plans for the economy, health care, energy and education, but what about his short game? Does he hit a long ball? Can he sink a four-footer?

The Obama golf video is inconclusive. Even though one player said Obama was good, I can’t endorse him as a golfer. I need to know more. (I’d pick him for my hoops team, though.)

By the way, John McCain is also a southpaw. So our next First Golfer was destined to be a lefty. Sounds historic to me.

−The Armchair Golfer

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