‘Arnie, Seve, and a Fleck of Golf History’ By Bill Fields

ABOVE: Bill Fields talks about his new book on Morning Drive.

I WANT TO ALERT YOU to a new book by Golf World senior editor Bill Fields. It’s called Arnie, Seve, and a Fleck of Golf History: Heroes, Underdogs, Courses, and Championships. Ben Crenshaw wrote the foreword. Esteemed golf writers and authors such as Dan Jenkins and James Dodson have high praise for Fields.

Jenkins says, “Nobody knows the game of golf and many of the quaint people who have inhabited it better than Bill Fields, and I’ve never read anyone who gets them down on paper better than he does.”

Dodson calls Fields “the modern poet laureate of golf.”

I’m a big fan myself, and have enjoyed Bill’s wonderful storytelling for many years. More recently, I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with him when I show up for the U.S. Open. As I said on Facebook the other day, “Read everything Bill Fields writes, including this book.”

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Here’s a description from the publisher, University of Nebraska Press:

In a long, award-winning career writing about golf, Bill Fields has sought out the most interesting stories—not just those featuring big winners and losers, but the ones that get at the very character of the game. Collected here, his pieces offer an intriguing portrait of golf over the past century. The legends are here in vivid profiles of such familiar figures as Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Mickey Wright, and Tiger Woods. But so are lesser-known golfers like John Schlee, Billy Joe Patton, and Bert Yancey, whose tales are no less compelling. 

The book is filled with colorful moments and perceptive observations about golf greats ranging from the first American-born U.S. Open champion, Johnny McDermott, to Seve Ballesteros, the Spaniard who led Europe’s resurgence in the game in the late twentieth century. Fields gives us golf writing at its finest, capturing the game’s larger dramas and finer details, its personalities and its enduring appeal.

Read an excerpt of Arnie, Seve, and a Fleck of Golf History

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