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EDITOR’S NOTE: I get a lot of emails. Many are about worthy and interesting golf subjects. I read almost all of them and consider how to include them in my coverage, if possible. Despite good intentions, I can’t answer and cover everyone because I’m a staff of one and my intern is a cat. So today I had a new idea: I’ll publish an occasional email. This one is from Nick O’Connell. Endorsement is not implied. No consideration or compensation was received.

My name is Nick O’Connell and I am a Master of Science graduate in Golf Course Architecture and Toro Student Architect of the Year in 2006. As you can imagine, it’s not that easy to get many opportunities or chances as a young architect but I am fascinated by the subject.

ARMCHAIR GOLF Mail Bag: Golf Sketch™ 1One way that I am hoping to gain a bit more recognition is through Golf Sketch. I have just recently created Golf Sketch to show the pencil sketches that I create as an architect. The sketches are mainly of golf courses I have visited, but I will introduce more of my own designs over time. I look to draw out the raw essence of the place and I feel the sketches offer something very different to the perfect paintings and photos we are all familiar with.

Golf Sketch might then give me the opportunity to take more trips to study and learn about courses. I am also supporting Just a Drop water charity through my project, as the work they do is something I feel strongly about.

I hope to hear from you and please keep up the good work on your blog.

Best wishes,
Nick O’Connell

According to his Web site, Nick, a native of Wales, is currently working in Paris as a golf course architect.

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