ARMCHAIR GOLF Briefs: Golf Products and Services

ARMCHAIR GOLF Briefs: Golf Products and Services 1
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Assorted news items sent to ARMCHAIR GOLF. Endorsement is not implied. No consideration or compensation was received.

The Art of Scoring by Stan Utley (Gotham Books, on sale 9/17, $26). Golf’s short-game guru and “hottest instructor in golf” (Sports Illustrated) presents a ground-breaking guide for lowering your score with a powerful new approach to strategizing, decision-making, and management for every part of your short game.

Damage Control by Dave Pelz (Gotham Books, on sale 11/12, $35). In Damage Control Dave Pelz explains that it is a fact of golf that you will hit errant shots—into deep rough, into sand, into shallow water, or near obstacle that will inhibit your swing. Damage Control shows readers how to recover from these shots, and not make a bad situation worse by hitting the ball into deeper trouble.

Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) established an official partnership with the Mexican Golf Federation, the governing body of amateur golf for Mexico under the United States Golf Association (USGA), which oversees both the United States and Mexico.

Bob and Linda Penett have recorded a comedy CD entitled Golf Amnesia (

GolfGym tour pro and Coach Joey D client Tom Pernice Jr. won the SAS Championship in his Champions Tour debut. Pernice works with Coach Joey Diovisalvi, one of the elite biomechanics, strength and conditioning coaches on the PGA Tour, and uses GolfGym training products in the fitness trailers as part of his golf fitness program.

Sweet Spot Golf is committed to manufacturing performance based golf clubs while adding a unique sense of design and color. Current plans are to work exclusively in the women’s golf equipment arena.

Nothing Major, a new golf book by Bob Cayne, is now available. The book is 250 pages of laughs: funny stories, essays and interviews, according to Cayne. More at

Motion Golf, LLC, the world’s most technologically advanced golf improvement system, has entered into a strategic partnership with Touché Golf Sports Private Limited, located at the Bangalore Golf Club in Bangalore, India, to feature a high-tech Motion Golf studio.

Phoenix Environmental Care announced its 2009 PERKs (Phoenix Environmental Rewards Kustomers) incentive program, which enables superintendents to financially support golf industry organizations and education.

• Late September marked the beginning of a new golf association in California, the California State Golf Association (CSGA).

GOLF CHANNEL’S Uneven Fairways, a documentary on the history of African-Americans in professional golf, is now available on DVD.

Golfpreserves® and the Allied Golf Associations of Colorado have begun the Colorado Golf Carbon Project, a project that will develop a carbon emissions data collection system as well as document the carbon present at participating golf courses.

Imperial Headwear outfitted the International team at the Presidents Cup.

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3 thoughts on “ARMCHAIR GOLF Briefs: Golf Products and Services”

  1. Despite equipment improvement, computerized cameras, books by the best instructors on the planet and televised everything, golfers are not getting any better.

    The average handicap is virtually the same as thirty years ago. Some professional scoring records still stand after forty years.

    I am betting the dollar amount spent on lessons, equipment, etc., since Hogan's 'Five Lessons', would pay for healthcare until Obama retires.

    After someone has played at least three years, I do not believe long term improvement is possible.

    Nevertheless, I love Stan Utley's short game book. Keeping the club face open through the entire pitch really helped my short game. Unfortunately, I stopped making putts. I then got his putting book and got the shanks…

  2. So Vince, I've been playing almost 3.5 years now. Do I qualify for "long-term improvement?"

    Down from a 14.6 in August to a 10.3 and there is NO WAY I would ever keep the face open during the entire pitch shot–SCARY! I only do that when I have to flop and I hold my breath the entire time. Actually I don't breath during putts either. Hmmm, probably not super healthy.

    Anyway, great recommendations Neil. Keep 'em coming!


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