Armchair Golf, the Board Game

In the April 1960 issue of Golf Digest, I ran across this ad:

ARMCHAIR GOLF — a fascinating, new game that duplicates all the shots, situations and results of an actual round of golf!

Here at last…is an amusing, absorbing game for any calibre of golfer. Armchair Golf re-creates the drama, action and unpredictable results of an actual round of golf, but in the comfort of the “nineteenth hole,” or the golfer’s rumpus room.

Armchair Golf is complete with all the hazards, penalties and situations encountered on a golf course. It is possible to shoot from a hot, sub-par round to a score in the hundreds! Armchair Golf makes it possible for golfers to play their usual betting games…and that’s where the real fun comes in!

EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: 19 inch x 19 inch game board containing a nine-hole course printed in full color; 4 sets of clubs; dice; scorecards; instruction sheet.

$4.50 Post Paid

(end of ad)

A Canadian firm distributed the game. I saw another small ad in a vintage golf periodical for Pete Dye Golf Course Design and Construction in Indianapolis, Indiana. It included his residential number. How quaint.

The Armchair Golfer

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3 thoughts on “Armchair Golf, the Board Game”

  1. I’m surprised that the board game wasn’t advertised as the latest sure fire teaching tool. It would be just about as effective as most of the teaching tools and those who use them to teach you how to continue to make a fool out of yourself on the golf course. There’s nothing quite as silly as an average golfer determined to better his game. This game would be a great asset to such a person.

  2. I think Phil has a chance for a great summer, with possibly a couple majors. I like your blog and am going to add you to my blog roll.

    Hope you got a chance to see some of the tournament, in spite of Mother’s day.


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