Are the Golf Gods Smiling on Me?

Yesterday two strangely coincidental golf things happened:

  1. My 2008 Masters Tournament Practice Rounds Ticket Application arrived in the mail.

  2. My 2008 Ryder Cup Ticket Application was sent to me via email.

(Both are random drawings.)

Look, I’m not superstitious. But maybe this means something. Maybe next year will be my year for the Masters or the Ryder Cup. Or both.

I could tell you how to apply, but that might hurt my chances. No, I’m not like that. To apply for tickets (practice rounds only for the Masters), go to Masters tickets or Ryder Cup tickets.

The Masters deadline is July 15, so don’t dawdle. You have until the end of September to apply for Ryder Cup tickets.

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1 thought on “Are the Golf Gods Smiling on Me?”

  1. Have no fear, the golf gods will get even someway. It will probably snow during the practice rounds at the Masters and there will be so little American interest in the Ryder Cup by 2008, the ruling committee will switch the competition to ping-pong.


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