Are Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts Autographs Authentic?

Recently I posted about reader Doug Sandell’s acquisition of an autographed Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts photograph. Doug got the photo at an auction that was selling the John Derr Collection.

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Doug was curious about the authenticity of the Jones and Roberts autographs, and contacted me for help reaching John Derr. John answered Doug’s query, and forwarded his response to me so I can share it with you.

Are Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts Autographs Authentic? 1

John Derr: “The signatures I can not verify. The Jones one looks quite true but Bob seldom signed his notes to me with other than ‘Bob’. Cliff and I played many games and he was not as bad as the press said. In fact, I found him charming and for years at Augusta we had tea in his quarters around 10 each morning. His notes were signed ‘C.R.’ as only the more formal CBS business letters to me were signed else-like. So to answer your query: Jones very well could be; Roberts I would say no.”

More John Derr Tidbits

On his golf game, a few months from age 90:
“…not shooting my age on No. 2 (Pinehurst), but do often on lesser courses and two weeks ago did No. 2 in 50-42–92, which included two unsightly SEVENS on front nine holes. Not good.”

On this year’s Masters:
“I tell you I am to receive the Masters Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 renewal…my 66th there.”

I hope to bring you more about John Derr’s Masters Lifetime Achievement Award. And I have some more of his golf stories to share. Stay tuned.

-The Armchair Golfer

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