Another Sad Tale of the Golf Deprived

Day 4 without playing golf

As I say in my profile, “I know there are others like me — the golf deprived.” One of those may surprise you. It’s none other than Rich at Eat Golf.

It seems that Rich has had a very long layoff. How long? Approaching 200 days. He’s definitely in the big leagues of the golf deprived.

Here’s what Rich relayed to me in a recent email:

“October is my biggest golf month. So I took a break for a few weeks after the ‘Calabash’ at Calabasas CC and then got in work mode. The next thing I know a couple months went by and then a couple more. And then I hurt my left arm and could not make a full backswing.

“I’ve been going to the range sometimes just to practice chipping and putting (which I can do pain free) and usually try to hit just one ball with a full swing but just can’t do it.

“I’ve been exercising the arm and it is almost good enough to swing again. Yesterday I did a full push up. So I’ll be back soon!”

Hope so, Rich. In the meantime, keep blogging.

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