An Exhaustive Resource on Long Putter Controversy

An Exhaustive Resource on Long Putter Controversy 1
THETEESHEET.COM HAS COLLECTED QUOTED MATERIAL (The Long Putter Resource) on the ongoing long putter controversy, which now includes the new rule proposed by the R&A and USGA that bans anchoring. You’ll find what’s been publicly said by current players (including Champions Tour players), retired players, the governing bodies, the media and others. It’s considerable.

I found this candid quote from Johnny Miller:

“I was glad to be able to be away from the long putter because I had developed just a hint of guilt, maybe, in the back of my mind. The rules are cut-and-dried. It’s legal. But emotionally it may not be so black-and-white … It was slightly embarrassing for me. I remember going into the officials’ room and showing them my putter and asking, ‘Is this thing legal by you?’”

I will see Johnny next week at Pebble Beach and expect to chat with him. I’ll probably ask him for his latest thoughts on the anchoring hubbub. also includes this link to a New York Times blog that I found interesting:

A Short History of Long Putters

Did you know that a patent for a “body-pivot” putter was issued way back in 1965? I had no idea.

For the record, leaning toward being a golf traditionalist, I’m not in favor of anchoring. At the same time, this should have been addressed long ago. I know that’s certainly easy for me to say, but this horse has been out of the barn for more than a quarter century. I mean, c’mon governing bodies. Did you not envision the day that anchored-putting wizards would win majors?

Honestly, I’m already tired of this issue and, of course, we’ll be hearing about it for years to come. In the near term, however, it will be extremely interesting to find out more about how the PGA Tour will deal with the controversial new rule.

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2 thoughts on “An Exhaustive Resource on Long Putter Controversy”

  1. I am just glad that I was too cheap and lazy to ever go out and buy a long or belly putter. Now my decision to continue to flail away with a standard putter looks almost intelligent (unless you know me).

  2. I, too, have never owned a long putter. I've tried them out on the putting green — a good friend of mine (and a very good golfer) starting using one many years ago. It always felt heavy and awkward.


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