Alex Cejka Talks Red Shirts

Alex Cejka Talks Red Shirts 1If Alex Cejka would have had his way, Tiger Woods would have been seeing red.

AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW by now, things didn’t work out today for Alex Cejka, who took a five-shot lead into the final round of the Players Championship. Nor did they work out for his playing partner, Tiger Woods. To put it bluntly, their pairing was a train wreck.

But I got a huge kick out of the final exchange Cejka had in his post-round media conference. The subject was shirts.

Q. As it turns out, you were joking last night with the red shirt?

ALEX CEJKA: No, I was looking in my suitcase, and believe me, I have a big suitcase. I have 40 shirts with me because I’m on the road for a couple months. I didn’t have one. I had green, pink, orange, black, plaid, every color, but I didn’t have red.

Q. But you would have worn it?

ALEX CEJKA: I would have worn it if I had it.

Q. You don’t think that would have annoyed him?

ALEX CEJKA: I can wear what I want.

Q. It didn’t work for him, either.


Q. Do you usually wear red and black on Sunday?
ALEX CEJKA: No, I’m black and white on Sundays.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Source: ASAP Sports Transcripts)

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3 thoughts on “Alex Cejka Talks Red Shirts”

  1. Since when does Tiger own the rights to a red shirt? That really irritates me. People should be allowed to wear whatever color shirt they want.

    Although I really hope people adopt this attitude toward John Daly’s new style of pants he’s wearing.

  2. Miranda: My favorite quote in that exchange was “I can wear what I want.” Hey, why not? You’ll probably lose to Tiger, but go ahead and slip into a red shirt on Sunday and show your defiance.

  3. Tiger does not own the rights to wearing a red shirt. Cejka made that pretty clear…but it’s amusing how much Jimmy Roberts was harping on Cejka about wearing all black that Sunday (“Do you know how HOT it is out there?”) and his gum-chewing (“Pretty energetic”). Turns out Cejka’s a pack-a-day smoker. That gum was Nicorette but I noticed he spit it out and wasn’t chewing it on the course. Maybe t hat was his downfall? Nicotine withdrawal…How’s that for a conspiracy theory?


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