Adam Scott Is Hurting

Adam Scott Is Hurting 1
Tough year for Adam Scott. ((bubblesandbugs/Flickr)

MOVIE STAR LOOKS, a Tiger-like golf swing and youth doesn’t guarantee success in the fickle game of golf.

Adam Scott knows this all too well after a 2008 season during which he fell from third to 17th in the world rankings. The 28-year-old Australian has suffered from recurring bouts of tonsillitis as well as a break above the little finger of his right hand in May.

A two-time champion, Scott recently missed the cut at the Singapore Open after playing “miserable” and saying he “did not know where the ball was going.”

“I just need to get away and get ready for next year and sort things out,” Scott was quoted as saying in The Straits Times.

Scott said, on the advice of doctors, he would cut back on his travel in 2009 to avoid further health problems.

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8 thoughts on “Adam Scott Is Hurting”

  1. 2008 stats for Mr. Scott:
    185th in driving accuracy
    128th in GIR
    116th in putting average
    153rd in putts per round

    Compared to 2007 stats:
    160th in driving accuracy
    72nd in GIR
    21st in putting average
    104th in putts per round

    Gotta work on the short irons and the putter, Adam. No doubt this is something he and Butch already know. Would love to see him return to form because he’s so good when he’s on.

  2. Adam Scott was definitely supposed to be one of the big draws at the Barclays Singapore Open, so it was very disappointing to see him miss out on the cut line in a field that had some of the best names in the golfing world. Other than a top ten finish at the PGA Championship and a second place finish at the Memorial, he has had a really disappointing time on the golf course that definitely does not merit his stature in the game of golf and more importantly his talent.

    He is undoubtedly one of the best players in the next crop of International golfers and once he gets his game together, he should be seen on the final Sunday in serious contention for the title more often than not on a regular basis. From being at the cusp of greatness, his rankings have taken a beating, especially at a time when he should have been in serious contention for the second place on the world ranking list. He is definitely as good a player as Sergio if not better!

    He is a young guy and I am sure he would bounce back in the next season. We will have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that ill health does not engulf him through next season. If he is on top of his game then it will not be long before he makes his return to the top five in the world ranking list.


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