Accenture Match Play Brings Out Inner Golf Geek

Accenture Match Play Brings Out Inner Golf Geek 1
THE OPENING ROUND OF THE WGC-ACCENTURE Match Play Championship has been suspended due to snow. No, what? Yes, snow. Really? Really really.

The PGA Tour reported: “The decision was made at 3:05 p.m. ET with approximately an inch of snow on the ground. All but 10 matches had gotten under way but none were finished. Play will resume on Thursday. No start time has been determined yet.”

If you’re a golf geek, a match-play geek, a bracketologist, then the first day of the world’s mightiest 64 golfers in the Arizona desert is your brand of stimulant. I’m of that ilk, although I’m not sure how much I’ll actually see early on (because I’m supposed to be working on projects).

The Accenture Match Play isn’t March Madness (nothing is), but it certainly can be compelling, at least from a golf standpoint. There’s a ton of pressure on those high seeds in the early rounds, just like during March Madness.

Johnny Miller was asked about it yesterday in a media conference call. He gave an enthusiastic golf-geek response.

Q. What’s it like, especially on Wednesday … when you have 32 matches? Johnny, talk about that day and how exciting that day is to cover.

JOHNNY MILLER: I think it’s just totally off the charts. Let’s put it this way: Not too often in the middle of the week I’m going to be watching for several hours. Normally I wait until things progress, and focus in and listen to Brandel and keep up to speed.

But that first day is just off the charts great if you’re a golf nut. If you look at matches tomorrow, Charles Howell against Tiger, that is no gimmie right there, I’ll tell you that.

And then you have guys like Stricker and Stenson, and Watney and Toms. Els has to go against Jacobson, who is hot as can be right now; he’s probably going to get jumped again. Then Furyk and Ryan Moore. That’s a toss up, right? And Tim Scott and Adam Scott; Mahan against Manassero is no gimmie.

So you have a lot of the guys that you’re talking about; Schwartzel versus Henley; if Henley putts anything like he did at Sony, I don’t know what the odds are there. Schwartzel did not putt that great in L.A.

These are all things that if you’re a golf nut, those are the matches when I went through them are ones that I think could go as if you call it upsets, guys that could get dumped that are seeds. Anybody can win in one day. You can’t guarantee anything. But I’m looking forward to seeing those matches tomorrow all day long. That’s a long day of a lot of fun stuff. (END)

Anybody can win in one day. You can’t guarantee anything.

I think that pretty much sums it up, and is why this match-play scrum is worth watching.

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  1. The 1st day of the matchplay is one of the greatest days of golf television for the year. On par with final round of the Majors. It's almost anti-climatic for the final 2 days of the match play tournament because there is not as much action.

    Each year I look forward to this first day.


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