A $650,000 Putt

A $650,000 Putt 1I didn’t see it, but Stephen Ames walked off with most of the dough when he sank a seven-footer on the final hole of the Skins Game. The putt was worth $650,000 and by dropping it Ames won the silly season event for the second consecutive year.

“You kind of let the other guys beat themselves up and then you sneak in there when you need to,” he was quoted as saying.

The “other guys” were Fred Couples, Zach Johnson and Brett Wetterich. Couples won $325,000, another nice pay day for a guy who hasn’t competed since the Masters because of chronic back problems. (Freddie has collected $4.2 million in 14 Skins Game appearances.) Zach and Brett were shut out. Ouch.

The Skins Game isn’t what it used to be. Still, a putt for $650,000 is mind boggling to me. Visors off to Ames for knocking it in.

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  1. It must be me then. I find the money knocking around professional golf these days to be not so much mind-boggling as mind-numbing.

    I trace my disillusionment with all but four golf tournaments a year to the time when I realised that just being a tour journeyman is good enough to make you a millionaire.

    Jeff Overton won a million dollars on Tour this year: for being 99th.


  2. Yes, it is mind-numbing, and many would argue that it’s diluted professional golf. (Your 99 millionaires supports that argument.) It wasn’t too terribly long ago that you had to win (or come close) to cash a sizable check. No longer.

  3. Ridiculously lucrative payday for this year’s lackluster event. Fred is definitely the king of the skins game but Zach, Bret and Steve just don’t have the star quality. And when all the skins carry over to one enourmous number, the skill part of the game no longer matters.

    Although I would imagine that any player standing over a $650,000 putt has got to have his head well into the game and not on the dough!


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