53 Minutes Not a Good Night’s Sleep for Darren Clarke

53 Minutes Not a Good Night’s Sleep for Darren Clarke 1HEY DARREN CLARKE. YOU might want to stick around next time to make sure you actually missed the cut. I featured Clarke in my recent “Name the Player” post. That might become a regular thing.

But back to the anticipated missed cut. A few weeks ago, Darren left the Spanish Open after completing two rounds at level (even) par. (The expected cut line was one under.) Back in England, Clarke tried to catch a flight from Gatwick when he was surprised with the news that he had indeed qualified for the final two rounds. Unfortunately, the Irishman missed the flight because of a traffic mess.

What to do? Hire a private jet, of course. Darren chartered a plane at the Oxford airport and lifted off for Malaga at 2 in the morning. A two-hour drive to Seville followed the flight. Then the colorful tour pro tucked himself in for exactly 53 minutes of sleep before rising and heading to Real Golf Club de Seville for his 7:35 a.m. tee time. (I feel a deep yawn coming on.)

After shooting an even-par 72, Clarke said he felt “pretty tired” at times during his round. No kidding. Me? I could barely fill my coffee cup after 53 minutes of rest.

But I don’t envy your 72 after less than an hour in dreamland, sir. (I think I just told a fib.) Instead, I admire you for your professionalism. You made it back and finished the tournament in 30th place, including that final-round 69. Just figure you’re going to make the cut next time and you’ll get a much better night’s sleep—no matter what happens.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. Great story!

    I can relate. Between the kids and my geriatric dog, 53 minutes sounds about right. Maybe that's why I've never shot a 72, or a 69 for that matter. ;o)


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