3,000 Golf Quotations

3,000 Golf Quotations 1A few weeks ago Skyhorse Publishing sent me a review copy of The Gigantic Book of Golf Quotations.

Selfishly, I was glad to add it to my golf library. I love quote books, in general, and golf quote books, in particular. This one might just be the granddaddy of them all.

The title is not hyperbole. This puppy is gigantic, with 3,000-plus quotes ranging from the golf pioneers to modern-day players, celebrities and various observers of the game. It has the heft of a hardback collegiate dictionary. Arnold Palmer penned the foreword. Jim Apfelbaum wrote the chapter introductions.

The quotes are broken out across 21 chapters that each focus on a subject area such as competition, history, instruction and more. You can also locate quotes by using the “Those Quoted” index. That’s my usual method.

For example, just when you think you’ve heard all of Yogi Berra’s quotes, there are more. At least two are golf related. Here’s one:

One time I was complaining that my shot was going to wind up in the water. So my friend Kevin Carroll told me that I should think positive. So I told him okay, I was positive my shot was going to wind up in the water.

−Yogi Berra

There are plenty of wise, inspiring and thought-provoking quotes, too. If you’re a golf book person, put The Gigantic Book of Golf Quotations on your buy list.

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  1. That’s a funny quote. Sounds like me and my golfing buddies.

    I’d be looking for quotes from Lee Trevino, Sam Snead, Tommy Bolt, Mac O’Grady, and Walter Hagen. Those names have to have some doosies for quotes.


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