30 Guys on Really Bad Maui Golf Vacation

30 Guys on Really Bad Maui Golf Vacation 1
THE PLANTATION COURSE AT KAPALUA RESORT in Maui is usually a pristine track for an all-guys golf weekend in paradise. Especially in early January when much of the mainland is shivering through freezing cold.

But not this past weekend.

Golf on the Plantation (if you could even call it golf) was simply ridiculous. These 30 dudes, looking forward to sunshine and warm tropical breezes, could not even get in a full round, for gosh sake. Man oh man. Just sad.

They certainly tried, though, getting in maybe eight holes on Friday. Saturday was a complete wash out. They tried again on Sunday, but that was a total mistake.

“After we went through Friday and then having Saturday blown out, as well, we were kind of expecting that today,” said one of them, a guy named Matt. “With the wind being as strong as it was this morning … I think most guys pretty much could have told you what was going to happen in the locker room.”

Winds were gusting to 50 mph and balls were rolling off the green and stuff. It was just crazy.

Finally, some good news. They got in a round today. Apparently they’re so jacked about it they’re going out again to get in 36.

They’re supposed to play another 18 tomorrow. A guy named Mark (one of the shortest hitters of the bunch) was low man, but now two cats called Nick and Dustin are leading the outing.

When they finish up tomorrow, rumor has it that some of them are headed over to Oahu to tee it up again next weekend.

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