3 Golf Things I’m Thankful for

1. Golf club membership.
This was the year I joined Great Oaks Country Club after being on the waiting list for a year and a half. My years of golf drought have ended.

2. Living in the Tiger Woods era.
Rob at Bad Golf mentioned this a while back in a comment to one of my posts. He said we ought to be grateful that we’re witnessing what very well may be the greatest golfer ever. I haven’t always given Tiger his due, probably because I grew up in the Nicklaus era. Jack was my idol. But I’d be a fool to deny Tiger’s total tion of the golf world and assault on the record books. “Tiger, you da man!”

3. The Ryder Cup.
Despite the Americans not being very competitive since the 20th century, the Ryder Cup has become the Super Bowl of golf. It’s not about the money or the individual. It’s about team and how to choke less than your opponent. They’re playing to win a trophy. I like that.

Finally, since it’s Thanksgiving week I thought it would be fitting to inaugurate the Turkey Award.

Turkey Award: Phil Mickelson
Phil: About the family thing — I get it. But you’re a major winner now. Can’t you come out and play the PGA Grand Slam? There’s only one “Lefty,” and it’s not Mike Weir. You could have brought the family and made it a vacation (or an extension of the vacation you’re already on). Somewhere Tim Finchem is gnashing his teeth. Again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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