The 2016 Masters

Day 165 without playing golf

(Fast forward 10 years …)

Today Tiger Woods was asked what he thought about Augusta National. Many in the golf world have hinted that the latest course changes were implemented to protect par and prevent Woods from collecting his 11th green jacket.

Tiger was diplomatic.

“Some say eliminating all the par fives was an unusual move. But hey, it’s the same for everyone. I enjoy the challenge,” he said with a grin.

Yeah, there’s never been a championship course that has played to a par 67, noted the interviewer.

“Well, it’s their tournament. I’m just honored to be able to win, er, play here,” Woods said.

What about 13?

“It will certainly play a lot tougher as a par 3, but if I can cut the corner and hit my power draw, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

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