2008 Ryder Cup: Super Bowl of Golf

2008 Ryder Cup: Super Bowl of Golf 1So much for the no autograph policy.

IT WAS PITCH BLACK when Doug and I left the house for the Ryder Cup. We merged onto I-65 and traveled across the Kennedy Bridge into downtown Louisville. About 10 minutes later we rolled into the Kentucky Exposition Center, where we boarded a large tour bus for Valhalla Golf Club.

I read somewhere that the Ryder Cup is the Super Bowl of Golf. That’s exactly what it looked like when our bus dropped us off at the main gate. I’ve been to many golf tournaments, including the Masters and two PGAs. I’ve seen the hospitality tents, media centers and merchandise areas. But the Ryder Cup is a major golf event on steroids, the circus of circuses.

The irony of being at the Super Bowl of Golf is that we didn’t see much golf. That’s what I expected, though. It was a practice day, and with just 24 players on the course and a gazillion spectators marching around Valhalla, actually watching golf was a significant challenge.

However, it didn’t spoil our day. Sure, you want to see the players. But you also must go at least once to the Ryder Cup to soak up the Super Bowl atmosphere, mix it up a little with the European fans, and get an in-person look at the golf course so you’ll have a good handle on what the players are facing on Saturday and Sunday when they’re trying not to choke their guts out.

I’ll have more tomorrow on my day at the Ryder Cup, including some player tidbits and my thoughts on Valhalla.

−The Armchair Golfer

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